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You might be over-the-moon excited about that vacation weeklong trek. But chances are you’re less worked up about enough time spent in transit addressing your last destination. Traffic on the path to the airport terminal, long lines at security, hours spent virtually in the fetal position while your neighbors snore and hog the armrest: soaring comes with unlimited problems, discomforts, and inconveniences. Long-haul plane tickets (8+ hours) specifically are often demanding for both mind and body. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to make even the longest plane tickets soar right by. Shop Online for SofBear travel comfort products –

The Foam Travel Pillow boasts comfortable and supportive memory foam filling. Its raised sides provide good neck support, and the back lies flat against the seat, keeping your head and neck aligned rather than pushed forward. What makes the Cabeau different is that when not in use it compresses to only a quarter of its full size to fit inside the small accompanying travel bag. This means that, though it’s slightly on the heavier side, it is much much easier to bring than a lot of its counterparts. The Cabeau makes a good choice for a far more easily transportable U-shaped travel cushion. It also includes foam earplugs to help you love a far more peaceful rest. You can find so many choices for travel cushions in the marketplace that there may be quite a little of misunderstandings over what things to buy. The pillow you choose will be up to your individual needs as a traveler—any of the pillows on this list represent great options, and each of them should help you catch some sleep on your next long flight.

Why it’s important to use a travel pillow

Choosing a quality travel pillow is essential if you plan to get any sleep at all! Long-distance flights so often mean that your body is twisted and cramped into a tiny seat for hours on end, making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

Simply dropping your head can lead to pain in your neck and upper back and does absolutely nothing good for your posture. However, there are numerous pillow options for frequent flyers which help maintain good posture and prevent pain during travel. These travel pillows come in many different varieties and are well-suited to a variety of needs, as you can see above!

The most useful thing about the blanket sheet – other than the fact that it folds up into a manageable, portable ball – is that it’s also a versatile product for just about any amount of travel scenarios beyond getting comfortable on the plane. For outdoorsy travelers, it’s a convenient camping companion, as well as for backpackers, it’s a good promise against sketchy hostel bedding. The business also makes easily packable, easily transportable travel blankets.

Attention masks are a huge improvement on the flimsy face mask that was included with your last international trip care package deal. They make look just a little Martian, but they’re available in a number of colors and patterns – some that truly verge on stylish – and come outfitted with a solid strap that won’t lose elasticity the 3rd time you utilize it.

Flying isn’t the only culprit! Extended periods of immobility, whether you’re working at your laptop or enduring an overnight bus ride, place considerable stress on the body. Many of the tips in this article also apply to any protracted period of immobility you find yourself in. The main takeaways? Stay hydrated, keep moving, and invest in a quality travel pillow: these simple steps will drastically improve your long-haul odyssey and help you feel your best once you finally arrive at your destination.