Pokhara Tour – Tibetan Refugee Camp


This settlement is named after Tashiling Tibetan settlement, Chorepatan, Phokra, Nepal. The site for this settlement once was a temporary camp set up by the UNHCR (United Nation High Commission rate for Refugees) for a large number of Tibetan refugees who had gradually found their way to Pokhara from the border areas of Tibet. The total area of the settlement is 188 rupa. At one time (1964) there were a total of 1000 persons at this camp but thereafter the number decreased as many of these people left for India and other places. Tashiling Tibetan Refugees Settlement is located at Chorepatan near Pokhara in Nepal. The altitude of the place is 3000 feet above sea level. The average temperature of the settlement is between 10-43 centigrade with an average rainfall of 140 millimeters. Pokhara Tour – Tibetan Refugee Camp, Pokhara is about 70 miles as the crow flies or about eight hour as the bus goes from Kathmandu, which tells you an awful lot about both how hilly Nepal is and the quality of the roads. It’s the start of a lot of various adventure activities in the region from treks to rafting outings, meaning there’s a fair amount of marks of tourism around…

A good hike out of Pokhara is up to the Peace Pagoda visible as the little white building in this photo. You need to hire a ghat to get over there- a Nepali boat just like a canoe right down to the paddle shape and how you steer it- and it’s an hour’s hike or so up to the pagoda itself. Not too hard a hike at all though at this hour it was only me and a bunch of local teenagers out for a longer hike that day.

The local administration has kept strict vigilance at Tibetan refugee camps in Pokhara, suspecting possible anti-China protests. Police on Monday arrested a Tibetan for “suspicious” activities.

The security personnel detained Jumpa from Zerokilo, Pokhara. Police said the arrestee came to the lake city from Kathmandu three days ago but his motive was unclear. “Details about him are unknown. We have to probe him,” said Superintendent of Police Basanta Kumar Lama. The investigation is said to be difficult as the arrestee speaks neither English nor Nepali.

Police stepped up security at Tibetan camps at Prithvichowk, Chhore Patan and Hemja as an attempt to foil possible anti-China protests as March 10 marks the 55th anniversary of the Chinese rule in Tibet after overthrowing its spiritual leader Dalai Lama. The camps have been under surveillance for a month. A large number of police personnel was deployed in the area.

“We have adopted strong measures to prevent any untoward incident in and around the refugee camps,” said Chief District Officer Yadav Prasad Koirala. A camp was set up in Hemja for temporary resettlement of Tibetan refugees who arrived in Pokhara in 1962. This is the second oldest Tibetan refugee camp after the one in Jawalakhel, u and Kathm. There are two other camps in Chhorepatan and Prithvichowk. Police said about 2,000 Tibetans are taking shelter in three Pokhara-based camps.