Chiang Mai Tours – Daytrips and Affordable Tour Packages in Chiang Mai

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It’s the then city of Thailand and may also be viewed as the Bangkok of the north, but on virtually all areas differs than in the administrative center: Chiang Mai Tours. Situated in the northwest of the United States, is the centuries-old Chiang Mai can be an oasis of relaxed in comparison to Bangkok. With about 175.000 inhabitants and it is the location often smaller than Bangkok, but nonetheless, the distinctions are striking.

Differences that way too many foreigners have been noticed: Chiang Mai has an enormous community of expats, freelancers and foreign instructors who take it easy in the town. This article differs than you are accustomed to from It really is compiled by David Overmars who used to reside in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has all the facilities, but fewer crowds

Chiang Mai is especially popular due to comparative calm in the town. Although the band road across the old city centre is quite active, an evaluation with the verkeersjungle of Bangkok is no problem. Despite the peacefulness Chiang Mai at exactly the same times a city in every respect: a college or university, major shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, marketplaces and also some big companies are there found.

Are you residing in Chiang Mai, additionally it is not difficult to release a quickly a life where nothing lacking. Because of the small size, additionally, it is simple enough for the town to traverse.

When in Chiang Mai live?

Chiang Mai has a tropical wet and dry climate. This is to say that the year is divided into dry and wet periods. Between November and January is the winter, where the temperatures average around a pleasant 26 degrees Celsius and the humidity is low. The rainy season runs roughly between July and September to October. In these periods the high humidity and sometimes heavy rainfall, although it is certainly viable.

The worst period to go to Chiang Mai departs between February and April, at the end of the dry period. In this period the weather is bad and the pollution is very large as a result of climate. Certainly for western concepts is the air in this period is very dirty and bad for the health.

Then experience a fifteen-minute ox-cart ride back to the camp.

A lunch is provided at the restaurant in camp.  After lunch, enjoy a 1-hour bamboo rafting trip on the placid Mae Tang River. Glide along in a summertime desire, relax & enjoy landscapes views. Then, visit an orchid nursery farm filled with more than fifty different varieties of gorgeous orchid blooms in a dazzling array of colures. There is a superb collection of amazing butterflies to dazzle and bewitch you.

Relaxing life in Chiang Mai

Do you want to relax occasionally, and then you are in Chiang Mai shortly to find. The visitor old town is filled with nice pubs and restaurants. In the southeast, you will see the night time market with plenty of bars. Popular amongst the traditional western local people is Nimman, trendy part of Chiang Mai in which a variety of enjoyable espresso shops, pubs, and places.

For Thai specifications, these places are fairly pricey, but also for Dutch specifications, prices remain well below the costs that people are used at home. For those who just need to get from the busyness of Holland, but want to keep working in Chiang Mai the perfect choice. A big community of westerners, all the required a good weather, an excellent atmosphere, and facilities.